a guide to new windows

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Window shopping have you feeling overwhelmed?   You're not alone, many consumers find themselves buried in information about potential new window products for their home.  That's why NT Window developed an easy to read Window Shopper's Guide to give homeowners information they need to make an informed decision when purchasing new windows and doors.



NT Window's Easy Guide to Replacement Windows:

Glass Systems

Did you know that over 80% of a window's makeup is glass?

Get important information to help with your purchase decision here.


Window Terminology

A comprehensive list of window and door terms to help better understand

the products you are considering for purchase.


Window Frame Choices

From vinyl to aluminum to replacement to new construction. Do you

know what's right for your home project? Find out the differences here.


All About Vinyl

This is the place to find out more about vinyl used in everyday products

including windows.  You will also find out how vinyl stands up in adverse

weather as well as how to clean vinyl windows and doors.


About Performance Ratings

Check here to find out about the importance of performance ratings and

how to use them to your benefit when deciding to purchase.



Read all about ENERGY STAR and what the label means when placed

on ENERGY STAR Certified windows and doors.


Energy Tax Credit

Take advantage of 2011 Energy Tax Credits by getting the  details here.


Cost vs Value

Ever wonder what type of return you could expect on your investment in

new windows and doors for  your home? Well wait no more get the

information you need here.


Condensation Facts

Got condensation? Well, most times there is not much cause for alarm as

condensation can be caused by more than a broken seal.  Learn more about

it and how to minimize condensation here.