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Green products are taking the nation by storm.  Possibly the most important “green” product to invest in is windows, a crucial aspect of a building’s insulation. But what are green windows?  Let’s take a look at what qualifies a window as truly “green.”


Green windows are indeed energy-efficient windows that keep the cold air out, the warm air inside, (or vice-versa) and reduce heating and cooling bills by up to 25 percent.  Often, the most compelling reason for anyone to invest in new windows is to reduce heating and cooling costs.  But that’s just one aspect of the story.


Every time you run your HVAC, your house leaves behind a greater carbon footprint.   Installing green windows is the very best way to eliminate the unnecessary emission of carbon dioxide into the air.  However, minimizing energy spent on heating and cooling is only one way a window might be labeled “green.”  After all, green products are labeled as such because, in comparison to their counterparts, they are manufactured and supplied in the most energy-efficient way.  If purchasing windows from manufacturers with a committment to protecting the environment is important to you, then you must take a moment to review Green Windows - the NT Way.